Templates, Templates, Templates!




Nothing makes work processes easier or faster than templates! We all love them! No need to think of texts, descriptions, words, and most importantly, it’s the best way to avoid writing errors!


We have just released Marketing Templates, an advanced feature under the marketing description field for units. You can now make sure your company is maintaining a professional image across all marketing channels and property portals, by predefining marketing descriptions consistently.


As a manager or an agency owner, you may want to define standard marketing description templates in order to maintain the consistency of the published marketing text, and reduce the risk of typos, grammar, and other copywriting errors. Your company image will benefit incredibly from it, and you will be able to fine tune your communication!


As an agent, you would love having predefined marketing templates, because it will save you time and the hassle of coming up with marketing descriptions everytime you need to add a unit and publish it to a portal. You can now get your work done faster, and publish units seamlessly!


So, predefine your marketing communications templates, and with one click, you will be able to insert texts such as:

  • Template which are automatic predefined unit descriptions 
  • Property Overview 
  • Community Overview 
  • Agent Signature 
  • Company’s profile



Go to the help section here, to learn more about how to use Marketing Templates. and Click here to learn more about how to add Marketing Templates from System Admin.

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