Excuse me… Your cheque bounced!


Over the past few weeks, we’ve been busy making some improvements to our invoice and payment management features, making them more advanced. It is now easier to maintain a full audit and a reporting trail of all the changes in your invoices.


Earlier this year, we introduced a feature to mark payments as bounced, and replace bounced cheques with new ones. With this week’s release, you can now instantly send an email notification to tenants or buyers advising them that their cheque has been rejected by the bank.


As soon as you mark a cheque as bounced, inform the concerned party immediately by sending them an email notification that the cheque didn’t clear. In addition to the text email sent, a notice letter will be attached as a PDF file. These notice letters can be customized from the Communication Templates Parameter inside System Admin. We’ve added a few default templates for you so you can start using the feature immediately.


Check out our knowledge base articles here to learn how to send notifications for bounced cheques, and here to learn how to setup Communication Templates.

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