Join Us @ the Real Estate Brokers Summit During Cityscape Global 2014


Masterkey will be participating this year during Cityscape Global as the associate sponsor of the Real Estate Brokers Summit. 


On September 22 at 11:40 am, Daniel Hart, Masterkey’s Chief Executive Officer, will be speaking about The Integrated Enterprise, and how creating a comprehensive, consolidated information platform is essential for running a smooth real estate brokerage operation. 


In today’s market, maximising your time is the key to your success, and real estate brokers need to be able to effectively and efficiently manage their network of clients, agents and property listings all on one platform.  The presentation will be covering portfolio management, lease administration, project, asset, energy and facility management. 


During this session, we will also illustrate all the possible integrations that can happen under one software, including integrations with governmental systems such as EJARI, and how it is possible to create a solution designed to make everything easier and far more intuitive for everyone. 


Don’t miss our presentation! We promise it will be interesting, fun and nothing nearly boring! Join us at on September 22, at 11:40 am. See you there!

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