Release Notes (Q4 2014)

Version (14/12/2014)

  • You can now add documents related to maintenance contract on the Maintenance contract file.
  • We can now configure passport expiry date to be mandatory when doing a lease.
  • We now have the ability to build feature per group to do a batch-run for statement of account for full property.
  • Improvements in the email integration functionality.
  • Several general improvements, requests and bug fixes.

Version (30/11/2014)

  • You can now set SMS or Email reminders on due invoices through transaction file.
  • You can now create Ejari contract in pending status from inside Masterkey.
  • You can now select the date of termination when terminating a contract inside from Masterkey to reflect it as a termination date on the contract.
  • Several small enhancements and bug fixes.

Version (02/11/2014)

  • We now have a functional web-service for STR which we can connect with the online booking portals.
  • You can now add images in the contract by using contract template builder.
  • A few updates in Power Morning Reports.
  • Customer complaints and small improvements.

Version (19/10/2014)

  • Updates to the power mornings project.
  • You now have the ability to define due invoice reminders (per group) by using back-end support.
  • Email 2 is now available in the field selection list.
  • Image title's check is now removed from the company webservice which will allow groups to show their images on the web without selecting the marketing title.
  • General complaints along with small enhancements.

Version (02/10/2014)

  • Power morning project (upgrades to lead sidebar report), through which the agents and managers can see which leads have gone over the maximum time for being un-contacted.  
  • The build was focused to include customer requests/complaints and small enhancements.

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