Notifying clients on upcoming and overdue invoices just got easier

Automatic notifications for due invoices



A critical part of property management is monitoring overdue invoices.  Without a proper system and an effective policy in place, your company will be vulnerable to painstaking collections problems.  Accumulating late payments can affect your cash flow and harm your bottomline.   

Each company has its own approach to  informing tenants of upcoming payments that usually involves a series of letters and phone calls to encourage them to pay on time.  Communication normally starts on a friendly note, but the tone becomes more serious and insistent as payments become more and more overdue.  

With Masterkey, our tenants instantly receive automated reminders of upcoming and overdue invoices, keeping them informed and always up-to-date.

From a business standpoint, Masterkey also enables property managers to notify their accounts team about clients with overdue payments. This also gives the accounts team a head start in tracking overdue invoices and sending the necessary communication to tenants accordingly.

Keeping your receivables flowing smoothly and eliminating the chances of overlooking overdue accounts are just some of the benefits that Masterkey brings for property managers which greatly impacts your business.  

Find out how you can use our Automated SMS Messaging.

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