FAQs for Masterkey Clients on Airlist has just launched in Dubai. Here’s what you should know.

What is Airlist exactly?

It’s a lightweight listing tool designed to help agents who don’t already have a system to publish listings onto portals.

Should I give Airlist a try?

Absolutely! It’s good to know what options are available in the market and you can earn credits by recommending it to other agents.

Can I share my Masterkey listings on Airlist?

Yes, any Masterkey client can instantly publish listings on Airlist.

Can I use both, Masterkey and Airlist, at the same time?

Yes, but make sure to add new listings in Masterkey then share them to Airlist.

What benefit do I gain from using both?

Increased visibility for your listings. Airlist is a place where agents can share listings with each other for free regardless of which system they use in their office. You’ll be able to use the full CRM features of Masterkey with the wide exposure of Airlist.

Should I switch from Masterkey to Airlist?

No. Airlist only allows you to publish your property listings online whereas Masterkey offers the same listing power with full CRM features.

What are the features of Airlist that Masterkey doesn’t have?

All the features of Airlist are already available in Masterkey.

Is Airlist owned by Masterkey?

No, Airlist is a spinoff from Masterkey, founded by Daniel Hart, Masterkey’s CEO and built by the development wizards behind Masterkey. You can be assured of the same professionalism, security and innovation that have been evident over the last 10 years of Masterkey.

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