Power through your leads with a Power Hour




Have your clients ever said they feel neglected? That you never got back to them?

We fight with constant interruptions and lets face it, as much as we may want to, we don’t get back to our customers as often as we should.

So, why not try scheduling a power hour?

The objective of a power hour is to have a set time daily or weekly to focus on providing great service for your customers. This can be done through consistent communication where you stay informed with what they want, how they’re progressing and what they feel is next.

So let’s take a look at the tools you need to maintain contact with your leads - especially those with whom you haven’t talked to recently.

What does a Power Hour entail?

It’s faster than ever to user Masterkey to work through your list of leads. You’ll need:

  1. A dedicated hour to contact customers

  2. A computer and phone

  3. Masterkey open and ready to go

What part of Masterkey helps me with this?

The Masterkey sidebar allows you to quickly action leads such as:

  • Log a call

  • Send an SMS

  • Send an Email

  • Postpone a lead

  • View latest activities

  • Close the lead

For a group of leads you can:

  • Close all leads

  • Transfer all leads

  • Mark all as read

  • Mark all as unread

  • Send a mass email to all leads

See: how to power through leads

How do I get started?

  1. Use either the lead zone or sidebar to see a list of your leads.

    1. We recommend using a sidebar report, such as ‘Open Leads Buyers’

    2. You may want to spend the first day or two just closing leads that you’re not in touch with any more. It’s better to have a clean list to work with.

  2. Now sort the list by ‘My Last Activity’.

    1. This will allow you to show the oldest leads first.

  3. Go to each lead and call / email / SMS them.

    1. As you do this, you can use ‘Log a call’ or even ‘Send SMS’

    2. This also automatically logs an activity against the contact.

  4. Do this daily and within a week you’ll have a clean list of active leads to chase.

What is lead escalation?

Lead escalation helps by automatically marking leads in red after a set time period so you know which ones are being missed. Managers can also use this to help their teams to close leads and keep in touch.

You can set up lead escalation rules through our support team. It’s completely optional, but we do recommend it.

Based on user feedback, we’ve set some guidelines for how often you should be in touch with your clients. Masterkey can modify this based on your specific requirements if needed.





2 days

3 days


3 days

3 days


7 days

14 days


7 days

14 days

Learn more about the lead escalation feature.


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