Release Notes (Q1 2015)

Version 4.8.38 (22 March 2015)

  • New: Export Notifications: As an admin or manager, you will be notified via email when any user exports data from the system. (This is only applicable on zones)
  • Email Integration: Incoming / Outgoing email cases have now been moved to Azure on live. This will enhance reliability of email integration and result in many customers (hundreds) being able to use it concurrently.
  • New email composer: Is now available when sending emails from actions in all open lead sidebars and lead zone.

Version 4.8.37 (8 March 2015)

  • New: You can change the listing agent on a leased unit without effecting the status of the unit.
  • Occupancy report is now customized to cater the renew reserved transactions.

Version 4.8.36 (22 Feburary 2015)

  • Invoice Reminders: You can now set both SMS or Email reminders on due invoices through transaction file.
  • Several bug fixes and small enhancements.

Version 4.8.35 (8 Feburary 2015)

  • New: Introducing post now functionality through which you can push listings from Masterkey to Airlist.
  • Several bug fixes and small enhancements.

Version 4.8.34 (25 January 2015)

  • Mass Email: Introducing mass email functionality to all modules. You can now send email to multiple leads and contacts together so that you can communicate with more than one contact at the same time.
  • Several bug fixes and small enhancements.

Version 4.8.33 (11 January 2015)

  • Lead Caps: Introducing rules which can control the lead rotation status a certain agent has.
  • Being a System admin you can control the maximum number of leads assigned to an agent at a time through roles.
  • For an agent, it allows the user to be on rotation for his/her own listings.

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