Get notified instantly when someone exports your data

Data security is paramount to any system, CRM or otherwise, especially when multiple parties are involved. At Masterkey, we have a rule: The customer’s data is exclusively that, the customer’s.

In past updates, we’ve shared with you how to restrict access to users from the System Admin Module. With restricted access, your users can have access to data only to the extent that they need for their jobs. This includes the ability to restrict access to the data export feature.

In line with efforts to keep your data secure, we’ve recently released a feature that allows administrators to be notified when someone from within the organization exports data from Masterkey.

For example, when a user exports contact details from the contact zone, the group administrator will instantly receive an email notification containing the details of  this activity. Simultaneously, Masterkey is able to log this activity and identify what data file was  exported, together with the date and the time it was exported.

This is just one of the many measures that Masterkey has implemented to ensure the highest levels of security. All sensitive data is encrypted using above-industry-standard encryption, restricting even staff within Masterkey to access it without you  specifically granting Support access to your system.

More security features are planned in the coming weeks. Stay connected via our blog, or ask your questions during one of our regularly scheduled webinars or Open Houses. Here is some suggested reading in the meantime around defining and managing user access in Masterkey knowledge-based articles.   

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