Check out the new and improved dashboard

We’ve revamped the look and feel of the dashboard, and it is looking great so far!


The dashboard is the first thing you see when you log in, so the idea is to make it clean and simple, while giving you quick access to the important information you need most.


Go ahead and click the ‘switch to new dashboard’ link at the top of your dashboard to check it out


We’re adding new widgets with every release, but for now, you can start using these great features right away:



Search (Contacts and Units)


You can easily search for a Contact or a Unit through the ‘Quick Search’ widget, saving you the time (and clicks) it takes to navigate through different zones. See a unit summary or find a contact’s email or phone number in a matter of seconds.



Send SMS




Need to send an SMS to one of your clients or prospects? Try the new Send SMS widget, and quickly send a text message to any mobile number right from the dashboard. Better yet, we’ve given each customer 10 FREE SMS credits, so fire away!



Listings per Portal





The Listings per Portal does exactly what it says on the tin. It shows you the number of units published to your top four web portals as well as your company website.   



Customizing the Dashboard


To customize your dashboard, just click the edit button at the top right to add or remove widgets. You can also drag and drop your widgets to organize them any way you like.  


The dashboard is also designed to suit any platform you work on, whether you’re using a desktop, iPad, or even your mobile phone.


Don’t love the new dashboard yet? Don’t worry. You can still switch back to the old dashboard while we continue perfecting the new one. We’re adding more widgets based on user feedback, so we’re pretty sure that once it’s all said and done, you won’t want to switch.  If you have a particular widget in mind that you’d like us to work on, feel free to drop us a line


For more updates on the Dashboard, stay connected via our blog or social media.   You may also ask your questions during one of our regularly scheduled webinars or Open Houses.  

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