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Propertyfinder has announced the implementation of a new ranking algorithm which assigns a quality score to each of your listings based on the content you input into your advertisements. Propertyfinder describes their quality score ranking system as a "...dynamic, real-time calculation that defines the position in which your properties are displayed in propertyfinder’s search results page.”

Why the change?

Well, quality scoring systems aren’t new. These types of algorithms are common among pay-per-click advertising portals such as Google and Bing and are enacted in order to maintain relevant listings in an effort to give clients a quality user experience.


So, how can you get the best quality score and ensure your real estate listings are consistently ranking in the top slots?

Let’s take a look at some of the factors that will contribute to higher quality scores:

  1. Post multiple images that are of good quality. Adding a minimum of five images is required; however, listings with more images perform better. Ensure all images are of a high resolution.

  1. Don’t stretch your watermark over the entire image. Pick a small, obscure area of the image and let your watermark live there. Wide scaled, gaping watermarks distract the user from seeing the actual image of the property.

  1. Avoid using ALL CAPS. Using only capital letters is considering yelling and is not professional. Even if you think it will make your listing stand out, it’s a big no-no.

  1. Keep your listing title short and accurate. 
Recommended title length is 60 characters maximum. Do not place the contact information inside the title of the listing.

  1. Ensure the description is unique and relevant. Only describe the actual property; do not include other information about your brokerage, the listing agent, or things not directly relevant to the property.  The description should be unique and not copied from other listings or the developer’s homepage.

  1. Provide an accurate location using the location tree. Provide the full location of the property according to propertyfinder’s location tree and make sure the location is accurate.

  1. Use the correct price when listing rentals. Indicate the frequency of a rental property correctly; per week, per month or per year. Refrain from misleading information; such as, breaking the total cost down into installments and publishing it as the actual price.

  1. Provide additional content. Listing the property’s amenities as well as providing a virtual tour will help the ad perform better.

  1. Get a “Verified Agent” account. Listings perform better if the individual agent account has been created within their backend with photo, name, license number.

  1. Enlist your colleagues to do the same. Propertyfinder also considers an “Agency score” which will reflect your overall level of service as a company and thus impact all your listings equally.

In addition, it is important to note that propertyfinder also looks at how users interact with your real estate listings when determining your overall quality score.

Bottom line: the better the content of your listing, the better it will rank.

Happy listing!

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