Rank higher! What you need to know about dubizzle’s new content scoring system has introduced a new content scoring system which assigns a quality score to each of your listings based on the quality of the content you input into your advertisements.

This new quality scoring system was put into place in order to maintain relevant listings and to give dubizzle users a quality experience.

The higher the score you achieve, the higher ranking your ads will receive and thus, the more your ads will be seen by your potential clients.

We’ve broken down the top five factors that contribute to your dubizzle ranking and the requirements for each below:

  1. Ad Title - Keep your titles between 20 & 50 characters. Using ALL CAPS in your title will negatively impact your score.  

  1. Price - Property prices such as 1000 AED and 1,111,111,111 are obviously fake and will hurt your score, as well. Be honest and upfront with your buyers by stating the real listing price.

  1. Photo Count - An ad with no photos gets a score of 0%. A big no-no. You must upload a minimum of five photos to score well.

  1. Description - Your description should have at least 750 characters or about 150 words. You can use ALL CAPS but do so sparingly.

  1. Overall Score - Your overall score is a combination of the above factors; however, keep in mind that factors such as the photo count are more influential than others, according to dubizzle.

Bottom Line: The more effort you put into creating quality content for your listings, the more you’ll get out of your ads.

Dubizzle is actually not the only site to implement a ranking system for their advertisements. has also enforced similiar measures. In case you missed it, check out our last blog post: Top 10 Ways to Get the Best Quality Score on Property Finder.

**PRO TIP: Keep in mind that different portals have varying requirements to post your listings while achieving a decent quality content score. For example, propertyfinder requires a maximum of 1000 characters for description length while dubizzle sets theirs at a minimum of 750 characters. You can drastically reduce time and be super efficient by using in addition to your current CRM or listing service.

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