Renowned Managing Director of Emirates Homes Real Estate Brokers, dies tragically in hotel dispute.

We at Masterkey were extremely shocked and saddened to hear of the untimely passing of Mr. Mahendran Yadav, the owner of Emirates Homes Real Estate Brokers, who has served his company as Managing Director for over the last 13 years and became a prominent figure within the real estate community in the UAE. 

Mr. Yadav's death came to a shock to many,  as news was released on Tuesday August 11th that the prominent businessman of Indian descent was involved in a dispute with another Arab national guest while both were attending a shisha lounge at The One and Only Royal Mirage on Sunday August 9th. Allegedly, the two were involved in a row over group pictures Mr. Yadav's group had been taking. Apparently the battle became embroiled and an attack took place where Mr. Yadav was struck over the head with a mobile device. 

An ambulance was called and Mr. Yadav was placed on life support at Rashid Hospital on Sunday night. His wife and family arrived on Monday and he was shortly after pronounced dead at 7:30 pm. It was noted in the press that a large group of people were gathered outside Rashid Hospital once the announcement of his death took place. 

Mr. Yadav earned a business degree from India’s Maduri Kamarj University, arrived in Dubai and was employed as a driver before we worked his way up the ladder and made his fortune as a real estate broker, heading up the Emirates Homes Real Estate Brokers firm since 2003.

Many of his colleagues, friends and industry acquaintances have commented on various news outlets and publications to show their respect for the outstanding nature of this unique man:

"Mahendran you were a star in the real estate industry of Dubai, you will be a star in heaven. I pray for you and I am so sorry i didnt get to see you before you passed away. Bless your sweet honest soul. Keep smiling my lovely and dearest friend. You will be missed greatly, justice needs to be done for this terrible crime. You're in my heart and my memories. Rest in peace."

- Nicole via Arabian Business 

"have known Mahendren since 1998. He has been to my home in the USA several times. I have never met anyone who was more happy and unlikely to be involved in this kind of incident. I hope that justice is served. Mahendren, may you rest in peace. You, your wife, and children are in our prayers."

- J.E. French via Arabian Business

"I have dealt with Mahendran in 2002 and he came with me to each and every unit in the greens till we made the choice, later on he made me rent the same , sell the same and move on ahead . He was always helpful , genuine and never lied about the pros and cons. He was highly respected and will always be respected by one and all."

- Masooma via Arabian Business 

"A great person and he will be missed by us all. Mahendran brought the highest level of etiquette to our business and was a support and friend."

- Lucy Bush, Cluttons LLP via Arabian Business


We would like to offer our condolences to Mr. Yadav's family, colleagues and industry acquaintances for this tragic loss and wish peace and healing during this difficult time. 

Source: Arabian Business


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