The 5 benefits of Masterkey email integration


Save yourself the hassle of switching between your email inbox and Masterkey and manage your correspondence more efficiently and effectively. Our new email integration tool is essential to efficient marketing, sales, leasing and management activities.

Benefits of Masterkey email integration:

  1. Manage all of your correspondence in one place without having to leave Masterkey; avoid losing important emails, attachments, or calendar events.

  1. You can integrate with any email client (Gmail, Outlook, IMAP, etc) and easily import past emails into Masterkey

  1. Reduce email clutter and focus only on what matters by keeping your customer’s emails inside Masterkey.

  1. See all emails associated with certain accounts, leads, contacts or opportunities; all in one location. You’ll get real-time insights into your customer’s needs.

  1. Keep a running history of all communication with your clients (should you be absent or on leave, your colleagues can easily access all correspondence with your clients).

Ready to integrate? Click here - it's easy!

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