We've been acquired by dubizzle!

We're thrilled to announce that both Masterkey and Airlist have been acquired by dubizzle!

Listen to the announcement: Samer Abdin and Daniel Hart on Business Breakfast on Dubai Eye 103.8 talking about the acquisition and how it makes sense for both companies and clients.


Our mission has always been to equip the industry with technology to unlock real estate's potential and this is a huge step towards fulfilling that mission.

What this means for you?

Same team, same service, more resources. The only major change is who are our shareholders. With dubizzle's investment in us we will continue to accelerate development, making new features and improving integrations with property portals in the region. 

What about our data?

You still own your data, you still control who has access to it and we will continue to defend it for you. There are no planned changes to our terms of use, which are some of the best in the business.

Why did dubizzle acquire Masterkey?

dubizzle has been looking to invest in the CRM space for some time and chose to back Masterkey and Airlist for it's diverse range of software available and deep understanding of the real estate market.

What to expect from Masterkey in future

Masterkey is going to continue to operate as an independent company. dubizzle is dedicated to ensuring that Masterkey continues to thrive and lead the real estate CRM market in features and innovation. 

I'd like to personally thank our devoted users, our team, our investors and all of our supporters for their years of support and dedication to making Masterkey and Airlist a success.


Daniel Hart

CEO at Masterkey, Founder of Airlist

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