A Client-Based Approach to Real Estate for an Enhanced Customer Experience

Buying and selling a home is such a personal process. Whether you are a broker or an agent, you need to know exactly what your client wants and needs to find the perfect home to suit their lifestyle. Additionally, purchasing a home is a major financial investment, your clients need to feel comfortable with you and your recommendations.

Once a real estate agent establishes a level of trust with your client, it’s part of your responsibility to put the minds of your potential clients at ease. We've put together a few tips to give your current and potential clients exactly what they need for an enhanced customer experience.

Start with Communication

When you’re building a new relationship, especially when it comes to something as personal as selling or purchasing a home, most reservations and concerns can be resolved through the art of communication.

Start by taking the time to understand what they want out of their home. What is their price range? What features are they interested in (i.e., how many bedrooms, a large backyard with a pool, etc.)? Understanding these details will help to create a solid foundation for your future partnership.

As you start to show potential homes, be sure to keep them in the loop. An agent that walks a prospect or client through all the steps in the process will help them to relax and trust that they are in good hands.

Always Keep Your Word

If you make a promise, be sure to keep it. Do what you say, when you say you will. Reliability will build a bridge to trust. This is especially important with new clients. Part of building trust is following through with all those promises you made while you were working to gain their business.

- If your client is selling their property - How many open houses did you promise to conduct? What marketing efforts did you discuss to sell their house fast? What steps did you tell them you would take to ensure their home was priced to sell?

- If your client is purchasing a home - How many houses did you tell them you would show them a week? What neighbourhoods did you tell them you would search?

New relationships are fragile, any slip-ups may cause problems during the sales process. If you fail to execute your promises, your clients will immediately question their choice to work with you. Your clients need to know they can rely on you. This will ensure they continue to use your agency in the future, as well as refer you to their friends and colleagues.

Provide Data to Backup Your Reports

Your track record with previous client speaks volumes. Nothing provides proof like solid, relevant data. For those clients who you either just started working with or are discussing a potential relationship with, let your stats do the talking for you. For example:

- What is the average amount of time your listings have been on the market? How many homes have you sold this year?
- How close did you get to list price for the majority of your property sales?
- How many homes did you sell above market value?

Knowing what you have done in the past for other clients will help to build trust with new clients.

Smart Technology Solutions for Real Estate Professionals

Technology is a critical component to the success of a real estate business. Staying up to date with the latest technological solutions allows real estate agents to offer an enhanced customer experience to potential clients.

Many reputable real estate agents use transaction management systems to track all their real estate dealings and administrative tasks. Additionally, you can leverage the power of technology to give your clients instant access to potential listings and virtual home tours.

Masterkey Professional

At Masterkey, we're not just a software provider, we are a partner on your path to streamlined growth and efficiency. Masterkey Professional provides clients with comprehensive, innovative, and user-friendly solutions to enhance client experience and boost productivity.


From standard technical support to building custom solutions to meet your needs, Masterkey is with you all the way. If you are interested in learning more about other benefits of real estate software click here or contact a member of our team to take your business to the next level. We look forward to hearing from you.

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