The Golden Trifecta – Tenant, Landlord & Property Management Communications

Whether you own a sky rise full of luxurious condos, manage multiple office spaces, or own several rental properties, the key to successful communications between tenants, landlords, and property managers lies in the right configurable CRM software.

Communication and clarity are the backbones of any successful relationship (both personal and professional). Focusing your attention on establishing solid lines of tenant communication allows landlords and property managers to resolve problems quickly while simultaneously preventing problems in the future.

Communication Tips for Landlords & Property Managers

Communication starts with expectations. When you clearly establish your expectations with your tenants the relationship starts off on the right foot by limiting misunderstandings. Make sure the tenant knows the expectations of their lease agreement, as well as how to communicate when they have a question or require a maintenance request. For example, should they email you directly or do you have an online platform to streamline communications. Establishing clear expectations from the beginning is critical to maintaining a healthy and professional relationship.

Providing your tenants with an open line of communication is essential to maintaining a positive relationship with your tenants. Property management software is designed to help landlords and property managers maintain their portfolio efficiently and effectively. Not only will your online portal enhance communication between landlord, tenants, and property managers, but it also connects the entire network of agents and contractors.

An online portal allows property managers to respond to tenant maintenance requests, complaints and suggestions instantly. This open line of communication will help build and maintain the relationship between tenants and their landlords/property managers.

Leveraging the Power of CRM to Streamline Communications

Timely response to questions and concerns, especially online requests, is the key to forming a great relationship with your tenants. Online CRM is the gateway to establishing open and streamlined communications between landlord, property managers and their tenants. Real estate software is an affordable and simple solution to help property managers manage their properties, and maintain a constant open line of communication with their tenants - all in one place.

- Manage tenants – The right software will help you streamline and simplify communications with your tenants. From application screening and background checks to responding to tenant questions and concerns, CRM software let’s you to respond instantly to tenants regardless of the time of day or your location.

- Convenient access – Real estate software allows property managers to access their information from any device connected to the internet. From maintenance requests to contact information, it's all conveniently located in your software suite. Regardless of your location, if you have access to a smart device (i.e. phone, iPad or computer), you can respond to any question your tenant may have.

- Handle maintenance requests – Regardless of the level of urgency, there's no longer a need to answer late night phone calls. Property management software empowers managers with round the clock access to accept and respond to maintenance requests. You can even set parameters for emergency requests to prioritize requests that must be handled right away.

- Effortless Payments - Property management software makes it easy for tenants to make payments directly from their bank account or credit card. Additionally, CRM software makes it easy for property managers to disburse rental payments to their property owners via bank draft.

Innovative CRM Solutions with Masterkey

Thanks to the power of technology, property managers can communicate effectively and efficiently with both their property owners and tenants, any time of day. CRM software is built to streamline and maximize communication between tenants, landlords, and property managers.

Masterkey’s CRM solutions combine the innovations of residential property management software, commercial property management software, and real estate agency software into one comprehensive package.

WithMasterkey’s property management software you can:

- Instantly respond to tenant questions and concerns.

- Establish auto response.

- Respond, track, and file maintenance requests.

- Manage, track, and disburse rental payments.

- And much more.

Contact a member of our team to learn more.

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