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Joining the Masterkey Partner Program

The Program has a one-year, auto-renewable terms managed around the following components:

  • Partner Categories
  • Membership Qualifications
  • Benefits

Joining the Partner Program requires submission of an application, acceptance of the online click-through terms, and Masterkey’s acceptance of the applicant into the Program.

Upon acceptance into the Program, Masterkey will notify the applicant of the program type for which they have qualified. At this point the applicant will be eligible for the related benefits. Applicant will also be obligated to meet the membership qualifications that follow in this document with respect to the corresponding program type. The Partnership Agreement auto-renews annually, but the membership qualifications must be met each year in order to maintain your active program type.

Note: In case of channel partners and strategic partners there will be separate contracts to be signed which will be sent to the qualifying company membership for these two categories are by invitation only.

Partners can represent themselves only in the category and level in which they have been approved and have qualified.

Any partner who generates leads and referrals with intent of closing business through the Masterkey sales team. Partners who identify and refer net-new opportunities are compensated once the business has closed. Partners must adhere to the terms and conditions of the Referral Partner Agreement.

Requirements Criteria
Minimum Revenue Commitments Not Applicable
Certified Masterkey Professionals Not Applicable
Partnership Fees Not Applicable
Customer Satisfaction Level Not Applicable
Business Plan Not Applicable
  • 25% discount on training.
  • Use of Masterkey’s logo and other marketing tools as per our usage guidelines.
Criteria Developed Markets Developing Markets
Countries United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Oman Kuwait, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain.
Rate of commission 5% 10%
Terms and conditions of commission payments
Lead submission and approval All leads must be submitted through the online lead registration form. Once a lead is submitted it must be approved.
Lead conversion time The sale must be executed with within (6) months of referral approval.
An upsell or new sales to the customer Referral partner is not entitled to any commission for any up sell or new sales where they are not involved.
Payment of commission Commission will only be paid when Masterkey receives the payments from the client in case of part payment commission will be paid on the amount received.
Calculation of commission Commission is calculated on the net value of first invoice for monthly or quarterly billing options. For semi-annual or annual billing options, commission is calculated on the pro-rated value of 3 months rental.
Renewal Referral Partners are not entitled to commissions on renewals.

The referral partner cannot be an employee of the potential customer. In such cases, the referral partner will not be paid commission on that particular lead.

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