Real Estate Website Design solutions with Masterkey

Why build your website with Masterkey?

Because of our expertise in the real estate industry, Masterkey understands your business better than any advertising agency ever could. When we create a real estate website design solution uniquely for you, we directly integrate Masterkey products to maximize your productivity and put you ahead of your competition.

Masterkey also has an intimate understanding of the online world. From search engine optimization (SEO) to detailed site analytics breakdown, Masterkey provides a full range of technical know-how for your business to maintain a leading web presence.

Let Masterkey create a unique real estate website design solution and identity for you to convey the strengths and benefits of your brand.

Benefits of an integrated website

Lead integration

Streamline your lead management processes and make sure you never lose track of a lead again. A website built with Masterkey integrates the leads you receive through enquiries on your website into your CRM call center and central database.

Listings integration

Masterkey allows you to easily manage the content on your site. When you add a new property in Masterkey all information, including description, pricing, images, maps and more, is automatically posted onto your website.

Powered by Masterkey

You’ve got all the power and security of your Masterkey database feeding information directly to your site. You don’t have to worry about updating your site or hosting information on your servers. We’ll maintain and ensure the integrity of your data and make sure your site is running optimally.

Link to portals directly from your central database

Expand the life, reach and availability of your listings with leading real estate portals worldwide through Masterkey. Just as with your company site, Masterkey integrates directly with portal websites, making it seemingly effortless to advertise your listings to the masses. Powered by Masterkey

Creative design

What sets a great website apart from a good one? Creativity.

At Masterkey, we are keenly aware that a creative real estate website design must incorporate look and feel seamlessly with the navigation and information. This ensures that users of the website get the information they are looking for effortlessly.


Masterkey adheres to strict quality standards for all of our real estate website design solutions to ensure that they meet your business needs. We constantly educate ourselves on the newest trends and technology to make sure you are on the forefront when it comes to your company’s online presence.

Features at a glance

The website that Masterkey creates for you incorporates a number of the features listed below and more:

  • Professional design
  • Interactive and intuitive website
  • Dynamic content management
  • Secure sections / SSL
  • Microsoft ASP or .NET
  • Database management

Our Partner

In order to provide an all-round service to the real estate industry, Masterkey has teamed up with Traffic OMS, a leading web service provider, to see that specific requests from our clients are fulfilled. Our partner is as keen to deliver the same high quality and intuitive website that you, as a Masterkey user, are accustomed to.

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