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The Portal Advantage

Take advantage of Masterkey's ever growing network of global portal partners

Masterkey has formed strategic alliances with leading regional and international property portals in order to offer even more value-added services to clients. Masterkey clients can advertise their property listings on different portals directly through Masterkey. Once users have entered property details into Masterkey, the process of posting each property┬┤s details onto various partner portals (regional and international) is automated instantly, saving you both time and money.

Lower your cost per lead

By forming strategic alliances with leading property portals Masterkey clients are able to advertise their property listings on different portals directly. Clients achieve cost effective advertising, broader reach and increased visibility instantly. Many of our existing clients are advertising on various partner portals and have drastically cut their cost per lead.

Increase your ROI per advertising dollar

Online advertising is the most cost effective form of advertising. Reach millions of potential buyers, that traditional advertising mediums cannot, for a fraction of the cost. Online advertising drives lead generation, higher traffic and typically higher conversion rates.

Get more leads

Increase your exposure to local and international markets by connecting with Masterkey's portal partners around the world. Enjoy the ability to specifically target your advertising efforts and increase both the quantity and quality of your leads. With Masterkey, you will gain access to the leading portals in the UAE, and we are actively partnering with more worldwide.

Sell and lease more property

Streamline the process of editing and sending information to portals. With Masterkey, simply upload the property once, select the portals you want to send the information to, and Masterkey handles the rest.
It's simple: Less time uploading information = More time closing deals!


Cost effective, targeted advertising Get the most ROI out of your advertising dollar with targeted online advertising.
Expand your reach to millions of potential buyers Advertise your property listings to Masterkey's regional and international real estate audience.
Increased visibility Tap into markets that once seemed unreachable. Talk to thousands of leads worldwide every day.
More qualified leads Reach thousands of pre-qualified leads who you know are interested in what you are offering.
Eliminates the tedious process of re-entering information on each portal Enter property details on Masterkey once and bulk upload your properties on every real estate portal you wish, immediately!
Result driven performance, sell and lease more property faster Achieve higher conversion rates on sales and leasing transactions, quicker and easier.
Easily accessible statistics displaying immediate, measurable results Track and enhance performance using Masterkey's comprehensive tracking and reporting.
Quick, convenient and easy to use No more repetitive or complicated process. Just point, click and sell.

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