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Growing Network of Global Portal Partners

Portal Partners

Masterkey enters into partnerships with global and regional property listing portals in order to provide further value to our customers. Masterkey believes in growing with our portal partners and that our partners should benefit as much as we do from these strategic alliances. Our portal partner program provides a strong foundation of support and collaboration that fosters unparalleled value and mutual business success for our customers and partners alike.

Through the portal partner program, Masterkey provides its customers exclusive access to its network of portal partners. Customers can advertise their property on different portals directly through Masterkey with the click of a button, increasing online exposure of their properties immediately. In addition, the portal partner program is also a cost effective way for clients to increase their number of qualified leads due to its inherent broad regional and international reach.

As portal partner, you will be given exclusive access to Masterkey's network of partner resources.


Feedback from clients has been very positive as they find this a quick and convenient way to sell and lease property. Clients do not need to re-enter information on each portal. Once the clients select specific portals, Masterkey automates the listing of property details on those partner portals. As a Masterkey portal partner you will be able to offer your clients a cost effective method of advertising their property listings to a wider international real estate audience.

Platform to market your services

Market your services through Masterkey to reach a bigger client pool.

Receive the most up-to-date listings directly to your site

Make sure your audience is viewing accurate and relevant information on your site. Masterkey feeds the most up-to-date information on property listings to your website. As soon as a client posts updates on Masterkey, you'll see it on your site as well.

Impress your customers with content-rich listings.

Make listings on your portal come alive with rich content listings such as images, maps, 360 views and more. The more information available on a property, the more likely visitors are to send an enquiry.

Achieve more web traffic

Clients can easily list properties on your website with a click of a button, leading to more content on your website and higher traffic

Connect people with properties worldwide

Expand your database of clients and their potential property matches to a global scale.

Listings made easy

Streamline property listings for clients to your portal by integrating with Masterkey. Our bulk upload feature makes it easy for clients to list with you. In the time it takes to upload one property, they can upload hundreds.

Access an ever-growing client database

Enjoy exclusive access to an every expanding database of global potential clients. Reach clients directly that wouldn´t have been exposed to you before.

Mutual growth opportunities

Achieve organic growth with Masterkey as we expand our reach and client base into different markets.

Cross marketing initiatives

Take advantage of Masterkey's marketing expertise and growing network in joint sales and marketing initiatives.

Are You Ready to Take Portal Advantage

Masterkey has formed strategic alliances with leading regional and international property portals in order to offer even more value-added services to clients.