What will Masterkey do for you?

Master the art of selling

Masterkey's Masterplan breathes life into your sales presentations. It is easy, intuitive and most important of all, it sells. Clients will be able to explore their potential purchases digitally and have all the important information about your properties at their fingertips (literally).

Drawing on real time updates from your centralized Masterkey database, Masterplan ensures that your agents and clients get the most up-to-date information, from available units to the location of nearest elevators and price details. Masterplan is the interactive way to guide your client to their ideal property.

Masterplan is not just an interactive show and tell. It sells, with speed, efficiency and class! Agents waste no time when it comes to closing deals on the spot with Masterkey is simplified sales Transaction Wizard. Get ahead of the competition by providing your clients with the ultimate easy-to-use and stress-free transaction experience. Simply enter the client and transaction details and print the contract, ready to sign!

Inspire your sales team with Masterplan and start selling more today!

Masterplan is great for...

Sales Center Displays

Picture this! As potential buyers walk into your sales center, they are greeted by a large plasma screen with a gorgeous Masterplan of your project on display. They will be buzzing as they literally watch units change from green to red, indicating they have been sold.

Consumer Facing Websites

Connect Masterplan directly with your website. A public Masterplan is great for your prospective clients to research your building or development. Here, you can show the general layout, floor plans, and area. Most importantly, you will show your prospective clients a visually attractive and interactive Masterplan that is sure to pique their interest in your project.

Your Sales Staff

Make it easy for your agents to locate units, check their availability, and proceed immediately to the reservation or sales process in Masterkey. Instead of searching the database to locate a particular unit, agents are able to click on the unit he or she wants to sell and be taken directly to the reservation or sales section of Masterkey.

Trade Shows/Exhibitions

It’s simple. Nothing pulls in foot traffic like Masterkey's Masterplan displaying live on your stand.

Property Launches

One of the most unique and effective ways to use a Masterplan is to show it live on your building or development launch day. Imagine the impact of displaying your custom Masterplan on a large plasma screen for everyone to see. Watch the excitement build as your audience literally watches units go from available to sold in real time on the big screen.

Why wait?

Let Masterkey revolutionize your real estate business.

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