Estate Agent Software

Quite likely you will know how frustrating and time consuming a standard web search is these days. While they seem to be millions of real estate agent software or related automated products advertised on the Web, none of them quite specifically meets your requirements. This is one of the pitfalls of standardized programs. They may be cheap but the cost of rewriting them so that they conform to your needs may well be prohibitive as well as time consuming. On the other hand, you would be more comfortable with an automated program that is not only flexible but relatively inexpensive as well. The Master Key software packages are designed to meet the needs of the various players in the Real Estate market and can be tailored to the needs of real estate agents or brokers, developers and property managers.

Not only that- we also have a team of dedicated project managers that can be assigned to your project so that they clearly understand and incorporate your needs in the finished project. Like any estate agent, we understand that your time is money. Our product package is one of the best in the real estate market and is being offered to you at the best price possible. Quite likely you will find a lot of extra options not available in other packages that will give you a further edge in managing estate agent and thereby expanding your business.

Though we are a relatively new company, our experience and dedication to quality speaks for itself as we have already managed to add some of the best names in the real estate business in Dubai to our portfolio. Our after sales service and completely simplified CMS makes it easy for you to change and update your web pages as often as required.

One of the key features of our automated package is the Real Estate Search Software or the ability for users to find properties in their portfolio that match a customer's budget, space and living standards. This helps clinch the best deals without wasting time. If you already have estate agent placed in different areas of the landscape, you can contact, communicate and receive the latest updates through the system- thus allowing for real time Real Estate Agent Management. As your business expands and you take on the services of more and more real estate agent, the function of Real Estate Agent Management becomes all the more important, as you have to manage the time, task completion, commission and salaries of each individual real estate agent. We have one of the best proven software systems in respect of estate agent software.