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EJARI in a nutshell

Think of Ejari as the online system that tracks rental rates across the Emirate. While there are many other features and benefits of the application, you could say its goal is to track every single lease contract across Dubai and have them registered in one system. Once fully filled with appropriate rental data, it will allow the government to establish a more accurate real estate rent index. That index would in turn protect both landlords and tenants from unfair rents. Rent escalations could be restricted to government controlled percentages and landlords would also be able to ensure that their rent is not too far below market averages. Also when there's a dispute, a full audit would be available inside the system.

Why Ejari?

How does Masterkey work with Ejari?

Masterkey's integration with Ejari is a continuous process. Today, you can download form-templates from Masterkey which can be directly uploaded into Ejari. In the near future, Masterkey will be seamlessly and directly integrate. We're continuously striving to make your job as easy as possible.

  • Excel Template based integration: Completed
  • Full systems integration: In progress

Does Ejari replace Masterkey?

Absolutely not. Masterkey is designed to manage your real estate business. Ejari is designed to meet the interests of the tenants and landlords. Our goal is to work together, which will result in a better managed industry as a whole. That's why Masterkey is the only partner fully integrating into the Ejari systems to provide seamless access for Masterkey users.

There are many features in Masterkey that Ejari does not have, such as contact management, integration into property portals and email marketing to name a few. Ejari goes as far as to what is needed by the government, Masterkey goes as far as what is needed by you, the Property Manager.

All of our Property Management clients are using the Masterkey-Ejari integration. Talk to us and learn how we can help you comply with the RERA requirements. Ask a RERA related question »

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