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RERA in a nutshell

RERA is a part of the Dubai Land Department. The mission since their inception in July 2007 is to regulate the market and to improve transparency and effectiveness of the marketplace. While the aims of RERA are noble, carrying out these tasks are difficult in practice. Most markets have had decades to sort out their legal and procedural frameworks for their respective real estate industry. RERA is five years old. Fully realizing its potential could take some time and along the way there will undoubtedly be mistakes, but they have the right stated goals and we hope to see their projects succeed.

Masterkey & RERA

Masterkey maintains relationships with many individuals inside RERA and its various departments. We support their initiatives and help whenever possible. Masterkey is in no way affiliated with RERA, however most of our Dubai based customers are regulated by their rules so we always remain familiar with their activities. Ask a question about RERA »

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