Masterkey for Developers

Maximize sales opportunities, add value, grow your business

Masterkey at a glance:

  • Manage your leads
  • Manage in-house and external agents
  • Streamline sales processes
  • Integrated Masterplans - your Interactive Visual Masterpiece
  • Organize and manage your property inventory
  • Track all payments and commission
  • Plan, execute and monitor marketing campaigns
  • Integrate with leading real estate portals worldwide

Masterkey is the only real estate Software as a Service (SaaS) designed to manage every aspect of your business. On a micro level, Masterkey helps you to manage and streamline your day-to-day activities and processes. On a macro level, Masterkey keeps you up-to-date with client payments, agent performance and even helps you sell property faster at your property launches.

Masterkey enables you to effectively and efficiently manage your network of clients, agents and property listings all on one online platform. Thanks to our real estate lead management software, never lose a lead again and let dated property files be a thing of the past. With unparalleled residential and commercial real estate CRM tools, Masterkey leads the market as the world’s only online property management tool.

Realize the power of cutting edge real estate lead management software, residential and commercial real estate CRM tools and a slew of other real estate management tools inside Masterkey. Revolutionize your entire sales process and enhance the productivity of your agents. Sell more and sell faster with Masterkey now!


Build it - sell it

Achieve faster and easier sales with Masterkey! As a Masterkey user, you can now manage and update property information, streamline sales procedures and enjoy an entire range of dynamic tools to revolutionize the sales process.

Masterkey sales software includes:

Central listing of properties and units

Track everything about your property inventory, including price, marketing and more. All activities of your property inventory are captured and logged for retrieval and review at your convenience.

Client to unit auto-match

Masterkey has made advanced client matching into an art form. Masterkey automatically matches client preferences to available properties in real time, ensuring quick response and follow-up.

Fully dynamic user access controls

Users decide the amount and kind of information they want posted on Masterkey with easy-to-use, intuitive icons for navigation.

Activity log

Know your recent activities at a glance with Masterkey's real-time activity log.

Flexible searching

With Masterkey, all information on properties, companies and clients is integrated on one intuitive platform. This makes it easy to search and filter, saving you time and money.

Call center capabilities

Use Masterkey to set up and manage a dedicated call center to ensure world class customer support and lead management. Never lose a lead again.

Real-time transactions

Track every transaction in real time to ensure your database is always kept up-to-date.

Payment plan tracking

Track payments every step of the way and automatically send out payment reminders to clients. Masterkey saves you time and money with real-time payment plan tracking.

Sales contract printing

Centralize your resources and save time with each transaction by printing sales contracts on the spot with Masterkey.

Customer login

Give customers the ability to log into a unique customer portal, view property details, pending payments and more.

Receipt generation

Automatically generate and print receipts on the spot with Masterkey.

Comprehensive reporting

Make your business truly transparent. Understand the big picture and all the details of your business with Masterkey's comprehensive reporting. Track individual or team performance, property ROI and more.


Master the art of selling

Masterkey's Masterplan breathes life into your sales presentations, your website and your property launches. It's easy, intuitive and most important of all, it sells. Clients will be able to explore their potential purchases digitally and have all the important information about your properties at their fingertips (literally).

Online Video

Masterkey for Developers Video

Get a quick glance into the features and capabilities that Masterkey provides exclusively to developers. Masterkey for developers gives you everything you need to conduct business more effectively and sell more property.